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Mrs.  Cathy  Erickson
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Principal's Corner

A Message from our Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,         

It is extremely important to us that you have some input in your child’s academic and social well being at our school. Although we have discontinued the teacher selection process (teacher requests), we still want you to have input about your child. We will be sending home a survey specific to your child’s strengths, and specific concerns you may have to better fit him/her with a classroom teacher. Our grade level teaching staff all work together to group students based on learning outcomes for standards and based on data. Your child will most likely experience every teacher at some time throughout the school year.

If your child has specific academic concerns, please feel free to make an appointment to come in and discuss alternative placement for your child.

Some alternatives might include:  retention, with extra support, or interventions planned for behavior or academic concerns.


Thank you, 

Cathy Erickson Signature

Cathy Erickson
Lake View Primary Principal