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Parking Practices at PUSD
Posted On:
Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Page Unified School District is in need of your assistance when it comes to how we, as adults, park our vehicles in the Page Unified School District parking lot(s) during basketball season.  The Page High School has a distinct reputation for the District’s school basketball program and the games that are held at Page High School. It is not uncommon on any home basketball night to find vehicles parked on the sidewalks, on the grassy areas and in fire lanes while the games are in session. Not only does it create a hazard for those in attendance at this event but it also poses a danger for emergency personnel coming into this area. This does not include the damage done to the Page Unified School District sidewalks and areas groomed by PUSD Maintenance and Grounds personnel.

The Page Unified School District is asking for your assistance as you come to any of our events at the Page High School by:

-  Parking in designated parking lots only.

·         There is parking available in the south side parking lot of the Page High School.

·         The south east side parking lot of the Page High School.

·         Limited parking is available on the west side of the High School Gym

·         Limited parking is also available in the Desert View intermediate School parking lot

·         If additional parking is needed for an event, the Cultural Arts Building parking lot will be opened as well as the CAB Gates allowing access to the High School Gym in the case of a game / event.  

The parking expectations for PUSD are as follows:

·         Do Not Park on any of the sidewalks located on any school campus.

·         Do Not Park on the lawn / rock areas located at the Desert View Intermediate School.

·         Do Not Park in any of the District’s designated fire lanes -- this area is for fire department use only. 

·         Do Not Park in the District’s bus ramp areas -- this area is for emergency services only.

Arrangements will be made to have additional staff on hand to ensure that vehicles are properly parked in designated areas only. Any vehicles parked in a no parking area risk being towed at the owner’s expense and are subject to possible citations by law enforcement.

As stated, these actions are being taken by the Page Unified School District to help ensure the safety of everyone in attendance at any school district function as well as to the protect property of the Page Unified School District.

We thank you for your assistance on this matter.