How About Getting Involved

Suggested ways for parents to participate:

- Get to know your child's teacher
- Visit your child's classroom
- Eat lunch with your child at school
- Listen to your child read
- Make sure your child completes his/her homework daily
- To volunteer to help at school, call our office at 608-4200
- Watch for evening activities on the monthly calendar-bring your family!


Home Hints for School Success

Make the time with your children quality time?

- Spend time talking with your child each day
- Do things they enjoy-discover what is important to them
- Have a family time when members share something nice about each other
- Have a meal together

Set The Stage For Study

Homework is your children's responsibility! You can help them by:

- Providing a special time and place for studying
- Limiting distractions as much as possible, such as phone calls and TV
- Making homework a priority over other activities until it is complete
- Showing interest in the homework assignment
- Read to them-let them see that you have a positive attitude about completing an assignment
- Expect that your child will have reading and math homework daily

Preparing Your Kindergartner for School

Is your child going to begin school in the Fall? Review this helpful handout full of tips and information about how you can help your Kindergartner be prepared for the big adventure ahead of him or her. Help your child have a positive first experience!